House of Friese.

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We use only the best ingredients that keep
customers coming back AGAIN ANd again.

the begining...

We started in the food business in 1995 in Houston, Texas!  Owned and operated four locations prior to House of Fries.  Our focus has always been to develop a taste menu offering creative food items with option to please all dinners.  It all had to start with the finest burger this world has ever tasted, with a special focus on fries varieties, complemented with  home made dipping sauces and amazing home made toppings!  So, we offered many specials at our previous locations and selected all the winners to create our current menu, which is begging served at the House OF Fries (HOF).


Our secret?  The best ingrediets is a big part. An unrelenting love for the burger and the fries is the other big part. Between those two, we think we pretty much have our burger bases covered.


We love our customers and treat each and every one with respect. Many start out as customers and before long they become friends and part of the HOF family.  I will say that is our best asset.